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Benefit Resources provides comprehensive administrative services to insure your company complies with COBRA and HIPAA requirements. Benefit Resources assumes full responsibility for those services you select starting on the date our service agreement goes into effect.

Our Comprehensive web based COBRA/HIPAA Administration services include:

  • Review of current COBRA participants’ accounts for status and communicate takeover.
  • All notifications mailed within required time frame.
  • Provide customized payment coupons for each COBRA Continuant.
  • Collection and remittance of collected COBRA premiums within 10 business days of the end of the month.
  • Automated rate and benefit change notifications with new payment coupons.
  • Immediate notification to the employer of new election or termination information.
  • Online access for COBRA beneficiaries to review account status.
  • Online access for Employer to review qualified beneficiary status and payment history.
  • Employer reports available on the web 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
  • Minimum eight (8) year archival of data for ERISA fake rolex compliance.
  • Technical assistance on questions regarding COBRA at no additional cost.
  • Toll Free Number - Toll-free Customer Service Center 8:30 am to 5pm (CST), Mon. thru Fri.
  • Guaranteed Pricing. Allows you to budget your administrative costs by knowing exactly what your fees will be on an employee, per month basis.